I cannot easily shake off the village. -Thoreau

'Good Grief!' was on last week and was well received. I performed (with a guest) and I really enjoyed the experience. I had planned to spend the whole opening inside the structure. I cannot easily shake off the village. - Thoreau was about my ideal form of escape: a structure that would serve as both a workspace on its upright position and as a resting space once lying on its side. Moving, lifting, & tilting of the structure all had to be performed by myself. I saw these basic tasks as fundamental in representing effort in seeking some personal space to think or to relax.


As part of the 2nd year VCA Photography class, we put together this show Compromise. The idea was to ask a non-artist relation to suggest a modification to a selected work of our choice. And we did as we were told!

I submitted this image I took while visiting my parents in Montreal back in 2013.

Plaster sculpture : Work in progress

With some help, I cast my arms to create sculpture moulds for an installation. This was my first time working with plaster and I had the chance to use the sculpture department’s facilities. 

The next day, I prepped the casts by coating the inside with Vaseline before I sealed the sides with more plaster. I’ll be soon pouring the plaster in.

End of year project

Digital print, 42 x 59 cm

Gelatin silver prints, satin finish, 43x53 cm

I presented this body of work along with 2 video projections for my end of semester assessment. The work was one of my several attempts at reflecting on societal expectations of what it means to be a woman. It is a difficult idea to convey visually without being too literal.

I used analogue and digital photography for this project. The black and white prints were the largest I’ve ever printed in the darkroom so far. It took me half a day to get the exposure right. If I wasn’t so pressed for time due to the looming end of semester assessment I would have tried to print even bigger.

For the colour print, I shot with studio lighting and my Nikon D5000. It’s probably my favorite piece in the whole project because of the vibrant colour and whimsical look. I would like to reshoot it again, perhaps with a medium format camera or a higher end digital body to compare the final results.

Last day in my studio at VCA

Hard to believe a year has gone by! My first week back at uni feels like it was just a little while ago. So much has happened. From learning about art history to printing in a colour darkroom to editing my first movie has definitely filled the year you barely noticed it going by. I have a few artistic projects in mind for the summer holidays besides catching up with friends and going for a little trip to Hobart to check out the MONA. 

Problem set #14: Make a landscape

Related studies project week #3: Make a landscape


  1. Make a landscape without using any land
  2. Make it romantic
  3. Take us there

When I read ‘make it romantic’, I imagined someone contemplating a landscape, as seen in the paintings of Caspar Friedrich. I decided to create this scene using avocado skins, cotton, and 2 figurines. It’s an homage to Friedrich, where his paintings encouraged the viewer to place himself in the position of the Rückenfigur, or the person seen from behind.

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (1818), Friedrich

Problem set #13: Photograph the space next to your bed

Related studies project week #2: Photograph the space next to you bed


  1. Reference the bed
  2. Use a part of your body to describe the geometry of the space
  3. Feel the rest of the room through this isolated corner

I originally wanted to have a 360 view of the room. I was inspired by the cinematography of Gaspar Noé. I decided to emphasise on a smaller part of the room and use the window reflection. The final result is more like David Hockney’s photos. I see a lot of angular forms in this room, so I attempted to recreated the square form with my bent legs.