I cannot easily shake off the village. -Thoreau

'Good Grief!' was on last week and was well received. I performed (with a guest) and I really enjoyed the experience. I had planned to spend the whole opening inside the structure. I cannot easily shake off the village. - Thoreau was about my ideal form of escape: a structure that would serve as both a workspace on its upright position and as a resting space once lying on its side. Moving, lifting, & tilting of the structure all had to be performed by myself. I saw these basic tasks as fundamental in representing effort in seeking some personal space to think or to relax.

Upcoming Group Exhibition: Artist Residency in Parenthood

Pretty excited to be part of this show in Sydney! I had the chance to meet with Lenine Bourke, whose idea it was to put together this show. There's a great selection of artists working with various media. There are two other artists from Melbourne, my fellow art-mums friends Clare Rae and Nina Ross. I'll be attending the panel discussion on Feb 6th and will be looking forward to meeting and greeting friends and other artists.