I cannot easily shake off the village. -Thoreau

'Good Grief!' was on last week and was well received. I performed (with a guest) and I really enjoyed the experience. I had planned to spend the whole opening inside the structure. I cannot easily shake off the village. - Thoreau was about my ideal form of escape: a structure that would serve as both a workspace on its upright position and as a resting space once lying on its side. Moving, lifting, & tilting of the structure all had to be performed by myself. I saw these basic tasks as fundamental in representing effort in seeking some personal space to think or to relax.

F generation: feminism, art, progressions

I've been part of a collective of artists mums for the past year. Together, we collaborated to submit a document in response to what feminism is to us today for the F generation: feminism, art, progressions exhibition that took place in October 2015. The final document which featured texts and visual art work was going to be archived in the Melbourne Women's Art Register.

The following image was what I submitted.


Upcoming Exhibition

Here's the invite for an exhibition I've been slowly preparing for the past few months. Here's the statement for the show:

"In horror stories or in fairy tales, the fascination with the morbid is a way to prepare for the unthinkable". Cindy Sherman

Family Fantasy is a three-part installation exploring isolation: a model house, a photograph of a kitchen, and a constructed wall suggest sites where control over access to the outside is challenged. This exhibition was inspired by the artist?s experience living in Cleveland, Ohio in 2013. During the same year, three women were rescued from the house of their kidnapper Ariel Castro in Cleveland, Ohio. The women had been sequestered for ten years.

PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS FEMINISM: Australian women photographers 1970s–80s

Kitty’s shoes on couch, Still life (1988) - Janina Green

Kitty’s shoes on couch, Still life (1988) - Janina Green

I had the chance to see this show last week at the Monash Gallery of Art.  Great overview of the works of various Australian women photographers whose works I had yet to discover such as those of Helen Grace, Ponch Hawkes, & Robyn Stacey to name a few. I noted several hand coloured silver gelatin prints throughout the exhibition. One of my VCA teachers, Janina Green, had a series of still life photographs which beautifully depicted the craft of hand colouring. The image shown above resonated with me: I saw fragility and delicateness in it.