My recent series and Elad Lassry

Digital prints, ‘Untitled 2012’, Claudia Phares

My teacher suggested I check out the Israeli-born artist, Elad Lassry, for his use of bold bright colours and simple compositions. My teacher saw some similarities between my use of vibrant colour in my current work and Lassry’s photographs. I’ve uploaded the most recent series on my website.

Elad Lassry, ‘Untitled, (Cheetah)’, 2008

Elad Lassry, ‘Pink Hat’, 2010

Lassry’s works include collages with found images, still life compositions, and studio portraiture. What’s interesting with Lassry’s images is how the final size of his work never exceeds the size of a magazine page. He embraces the fact we are saturated with images by creating conceptual works, with a blur or a double exposure, referencing popular culture.

My images were constructed in a studio. There are visual metaphors of my recent physical journey. I’m still working out the title of my series. I presented the series to the class yesterday and it was well received. The general feedback was to consider printing bigger, which is something I’ll be looking into. I also showed my sculpture on plinths outside the exhibition space, facing the entrance. It was a tentative proposition. The installation is a work in progress.