What's on at Blindside and Edmund Pearce Galleries

Kubota Fumikazu, pen on paper

I stopped at Blindside gallery to see the current exhibitions, in Gallery one there is Chris Bennett who explored the concepts of isolation and alienation in society through oil paintings. In Gallery Two is featured Kubota Fumikazu ’s exhibition ‘(Un)fortunately no longer human’ whose intricate pen on paper works look like imaginary architectural blueprints. Fumikazu was in the gallery at the time. We chatted about his process which starts with a small scale drawing which is then projected on the final print and traced out. I admire the meticulous work that comes out of the simple use of a black pen on paper. It is worth checking out.

Jessica Tremp

From the 7th floor of the Nicholas Building, I went to see the current show at Edmund Pearce gallery (2nd floor). Currently showing, is a photography exhibition entitled ‘Body’ featuring Jane Burton, Joanna Collyvas, Heather Dinas, Lee Grant, Colin Page, Jessica Tremp, and Konrad Winkler. This gallery is the only one in the CBD that focuses on photo media and is at its 3rd show since its opening.

The show includes amazing portraits and self-portraits (in the case of Jessica Tremp) worth checking out. I was already familiar with the works of Jane Burton and Jessica Tremp. I met Jessica 5 years ago via a Melbourne-based photo group.

I discovered Joanna Collyvas’ works involving family history, fabric, and femininity which I found interesting. I noticed that more than half of the exhibition involved the female body. I wonder if this was a coincidence, or a reflection on how the female body as subject matter continues to be more depicted than the male body in visual arts. This is probably worth an essay.

Memory, dreamscape, identity, intimacy, history, and feelings were some of the topics that were explored by the artists. Most of the works exhibited were constructed or staged and only one series, Konrad Winkler’s to be precise, consisted of a more intimate approach in photography reminiscing of Nan Goldin. Overall, this group show gives a good overview on various styles of photography by emerging and established Australian artists.