I went to see the annual exhibit ‘Unsensored10’ presented by the Melbourne Silver Mine Inc. at the Collingwood Gallery.  All of the works were done using analogue photography to which the Melbourne Silver Inc. dedicate their passion. With the ever developing world of digital photography, it is always refreshing to see some artists going through the effort of using film as their medium. Since I started to use a digital SLR, I find myself easily distracted by the spontaneity which technology brings. In other words, you take more digital shots for fewer done on film and you spend more time reviewing your shots. In a way, it is advantageous for immediately correcting settings such as lighting, exposure, or even composition, etc. On the other hand, I find I spend less time getting the settings right from the beginning instead of working your way towards perfection. Perhaps if I used a light meter, I would save time on adjustments. Also, it’s very tempting to take several shots of the same set up for fear of missing out on the perfect shot. I’ve done this on numerous occasions and upon reviewing a shoot, I realise I could have omitted taking 1/3 of the shots! Alternatively, working with digital photography is a little more environmental friendly, cost-effective, and easier in terms of processing as all is done on a computer. I’m not in favour of one over the other as I sometimes shoot on film, but I have been producing more works shot with a digital camera. ’Unsensored10’ is a good exhibit of those you appreciate the art of film photography. There are beautiful prints done using darkroom processes I have yet to experiment. There’s a bit of everything in terms of style. The show runs until August 25th 2010.