‘Timelines: Photography and Times’ at the NGV

If anyone had the chance to see these photographs, one would have certainly appreciated this selection of photographs exploring ‘time’ from various photographers from Australia and around the world . From ‘now and then’ types of portraits to beautifully hand-coloured photographs like Kusakabe Kimbei’s ‘Ritual washing for a funeral’ (c.1880) where a man’s deceased body is getting prepared for its burial following Japanese tradition. These were only a couple of examples showing the passage of time. 

Pat Brassington was showing at Arc One Gallery a few weeks ago. Her large scale images were an ensemble of what appeared to be straightforward photography with a mixture of collages. Her creations are highly abstract and surreal which may not suit all tastes. Some of the images are dreamlike and I liked how she arranges her images in an almost playful yet sometimes disturbing manner. As one of Australian few surreal artist photographer, she is definitely one to follow.