When in Sydney...

I went to Sydney for the day on Friday to check out Annie Leibovitz’s exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The show featured her works done between 1990-2005. There were portraits of her family and celebrities, as well as lanscape and reportage works. I wasn’t familiar with her reportage projects and I was intensely perturbed by one photo of bloody footprints on a wall entitled ‘Traces of the massacre of Tutsi schoolchildren and villagers on a bathroom wall, Shangi Mission School, Rwanda 1994’ .  It was a such a simple shot, yet so evocative! Overall, I really enjoyed the exhibition. Leibovitz is very skilled in her composition and in her artistic direction. 

I dropped by the Australian Centre of Photography to check out Polixeni Papapetrou’s ‘Tales from Elsewhere’. Her large scale prints are, once again, beautifully shot and impeccable.

Lastly, I popped in Blender Gallery to check out the Diana exhibition and the lomo shop. I only brought 2 cameras on my trip: digital point-&-shoot and, of course, my Diana!