The nightmare

I’m working on a project involving fear. I decided to re-enact the scene in Fuseli’s painting ‘The nightmare’. For the project, I created an evil-looking incubus (creature) out of papier mâché. Not sure if I succeeded in making it look fierce enough. Someone thought he looked like a cross between a koala and a Gremlin.

The nightmareThe original scene, see below, has a horse’s head poking out the curtains. I settled for what was available at the school prop store: a rhino’s head. The bed was set up on a table which may not have been the best OH & S scenario. It was worth the risk anyway. I tried imitating the posture of the woman, and nearly fell off the bed/table.  Since a long exposure (1s) was required,  I chose a more stable position. This project is only the beginning of a series exploring angst, fear, and repulsion.