The Artist is Present (2012)

imageHaving followed the making of the Marina Film Project online for the past year, I finally had the chance to watch this long-awaited documentary on the performance artist Marina Abramović, “The Artist is Present”, directed by Matthew Akers.

The film scores 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m not surprised the film received such good ratings. Abramović is a very unique performance artist who has incredible fearlessness and physical and mental endurance. Whether it shocks or not, it’s hard to ignore her work. She is an amazing artist. The first part of the movie was my favorite. Watching the lead up of Abramović’s most important career performance at MoMa this year, “The Artist is Present” was really exciting. I also liked the way the film was edited: there’s just enough information about Abramović’s earlier works to give the audience some background. Another point is the film doesn’t have a monotonous and serious tone that some documentaries have. It’s really easy to get into it.

The film “The Artist is Present” is worth watching.