Steilneset - A Memorial for those convicted of sorcery

Last week in my ‘sex & subjectivation’ seminar, I was introduced to Louise Bourgeois’ last major installation: ‘Steilneset’, a memorial for the ones who were victims of the 17th century witch hunt in Norway. The architect Peter Zumthor was also involved in this impressive installation. There was an article featured in Wallpaper about the project.

Continuing on the topic of witches, we watched the movie ‘Day of Wrath' (1943) by the Danish director Carl Theodor Dryer. The film is adapted on an actual Norwegian witch hunt case in the sixteenth century. I was familiar with the story of the Salem witches trial, but not with what had happened in Norway. The movie is far from uplifting but is definitely worth watching for its cinematography and its controversial topic.