Lose it in a photo

Problem set week #8: Lose it in a photo. 

  • Rule: It’s huge.

The class decided to get together for this project. We agreed that each of us (15 students) would print 100 photos with a blue cast. Our 100 photos didn’t have to be all different; as long as they were 4x6” and represented something that pertained to ‘loss’.

We had originally planned to create a mural with all the photos and cover an entire wall. In practice, this didn’t work out very well, so we decided to lay down all the photos on a large sheet of white paper. We thought we’d create a sea of photos, where the curved photos would mimic waves, and photos would be ‘lost’ in the mass. Not everyone went for this new idea but this is what was presented in the end. We lit the room with a light shining through blue cellophane. The light refracted into little waves along the wall.

I think we did well. The teachers loved it. 

This project was an interesting lesson in group dynamics: it’s not always easy to all be on the same wavelength at the same time. It’s always good to leave room for the imponderables, as something better or as good may come out.