Ranjani Shettar - Dewdrops and Sunshine

Flame in the forest 2011

Today I went to see Ranjani Shettar’s exhibition in the new contemporary space at the NGV International. Shettar is an Indian sculptor who uses a vast array of organic and non-organic materials. ‘Dewdrops and Sunshine’ investigates the relationship of water and light to living things. There are references to the elements as objects are either suspended, on the ground, or pinned. I was immediately drawn to her ability to combine art and science without making it look like biological reference models. What makes it interesting is the meticulous handwork involved in some of the pieces such as Sun-sneezers blow light bubbles 2007-2008, and Touch me not 2006-2007. Sculptures such as Fire in the belly 2007 and Flame of the forest 2011 (shown above) have a more modern and polished appearance with their seamless coloured finish, as opposed to the raw feel of some of the other pieces. Shettar’s use of bulbous shapes remind me of Louise Bourgeois’ sculptures. This exhibition is worth checking out for Shettar’s craftsmanship.