Patricia Piccinini @ CCP

Yesterday, my friend and I went to check out Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition ‘Fitzroy series’ at the CCP. I’m glad I didn’t miss it - it was the show’s last day. There was a video, prints, sculptures, and space featuring the artist’s main inspirations. I was particularly impressed with the display of Piccinini’s source material (see image): I’m always intrigued with the process behind the scenes. Biological and anatomical illustrations are an important source of reference for Piccinini. It makes sense when you look at the creatures she creates. It’s not easy to create hybrid imaginary creatures and to then insert them in familiar settings all while making it aesthetically pleasing. Somehow, Piccinini succeeds in assembling it seamlessly. Overall, the images were beautifully printed and the way the exhibition was set up cohesively made it even more interesting.