Parastou Forouhar: Art, Life and Death in Iran

Parastou Forouhar reminds me of the graphic artist Marjane Sartrapi who made the animated film and graphic novel Persepolis. Both of  these women were born in Iran and had been affected by the Iranian revolution. Like Sartrapi, Forouhar used art to channel her grief.  At first glance, Forouhar’s drawings look like beautiful arrangements of stylised pastel-coloured shapes. A closer look makes you realise some of these drawings depict torture scenes. London-based writer and curator, Rose Issa edited Parastou ForouharArt, Life, and Death in Iran, a collection of the artist’s work exhibited in Germany. I’m currently writing a paper on feminist art and I’m glad to have stumbled onto Forouhar, who visibly succeeded in speaking up against the Iranian revolution.

via brainpickings