Art Fag City interviews Katya Grokhovsky

Katya Grokhosky in performance at Odessa Studios, June 2012

Katya Grokhovsky , is a Melbourne artist and a VCA graduate, originally from Ukraine. She now lives and works in Brooklyn. I saw part of her 8-hour performance at Odessa Studios here in Melbourne where she explored homesickness through voice, dance, and food. At a certain point in her performance, Grokhosvky eats a lemon, with the peel on, and spits out the seeds. This reminded me of Marina Abramovic’s piece ‘The Onion’, where the latter ate a raw onion while complaining in a voiceover about her life. Grokhosvky definitely explores the limits of her mind and body in her practice. Here’s an interview by Art Fag City where she speaks about her work in her Brooklyn studio. 

Katya Grokhovsky’s studio (image Art Fag City)