Homage to Thomas Demand

Our class recreated ‘Bathroom’ from Thomas Demand using paper, foam, tape, nails, & baking paper.

Thomas Demand, Badezimmer / Bathroom, 1997, C-Print / Diasec, 160 x 122 cm, © Thomas Demand, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn.

We were 17 students who worked on Thomas Demand’s ‘Bathroom’. It took us 7 hours to build it and another hour to set the lights correctly for the shoot. We shot it with a medium format camera. It was an interesting experience working together. We definitely impressed our teachers with the overall process and final product. Like Demand, we destroyed the installation at the end. The chosen image was scanned and lightly edited.

I wasn’t aware that Demand created the bathroom scene from an iconic photograph of post-war Germany: the politician Uwe Barschel found dead in a bathtub in a hotel in Geneva. His death was and remains a mystery until today.

Fake it ‘til you make it - Project 10: Thomas Demand

  1. life-size paper installation
  2. large colour print
  3. shot on 120 film with a medium format camera
  4. team work
  5. attention to detail