Homage to Philip-Lorca diCorcia

My project was inspired by diCorcia’s series Hollywood 1990-1992 where men were sought on the street were offered to be paid to appear in a photograph.

Eddie Anderson; 21 years old, Texas; $20 by diCorcia

Fake it ‘til you make it - Project 8: Philip-Lorca di Corcia

At first glance, diCorcia’s photos look like spontaneous shots when in reality, he carefully stages his photos with electronic flashes. His images are like tableaux: they are highly contrasted which adds to the theatricality of the overall composition.

In my project, I used available light. I purposefully positioned the subjects in such a way so the light would create outlines.

5 elements used:

  1. constructed narrative
  2. reflection
  3. high contrast
  4. landscape
  5. tableau