Homage to Hiroshi Sugimoto

My take of Sugimoto’s stylized sculpture series

Fake it ‘til you make it - Project 6: Hiroshi Sugimoto

I chose Sugimoto because I liked the simplicity and the sharpness of his images. I wanted to emulate the high contrast found in his black and white series on the highly stylized wearable sculptures of Japanese designers. I used fabric and paper to make a costume for my dress mannequin. I shot on Kodak 400 Tri-X for 2s with one light source. Sugimoto prefers to use analogue photography and long exposures. He stated in an interview: “To be aware of the passage of time, is to be conscious of our mortality”.

5 elements used:

  1. black and white film
  2. one light source
  3. darkroom print
  4. presence of true black
  5. long exposure