Eugenia Lim - Narcissus

Last night, I attended the video performance piece of the Melbourne artist Eugenia Lim, entitled Narcissus, held at Kings ARI. Lim explored the idea of narcissism by filming herself brushing her hair without saying anything and then replaying the video. Lim would then watch herself and would mimic some of her actions. She would start the sequence all over again.

I was curious to see Lim’s performance because I had heard about her last project, Stay Home Sakoku,  where she stayed in one of the gallery spaces at West Space for 7 days. Also, the concept of narcissism is something I’ve recently started to explore and I wanted to see Lim’s perspective on it. I think she succeeded in conveying the idea using simple props, a camera, and a TV.

Eugenia Lim is a multidisciplinary artist who explores race, identity, and representation.