Diana F+ vs Holga

As I promised, I was going to compare prints between the Diana F+ and the Holga. I shot 3 rolls with my recently purchased Diana F+. I deliberately made several double exposures, something I hardly did with my Holga up until recently. Since I shot with the smallest frame available on the Diana F+, the resulting prints had a nice black border. I cropped it a bit after scanning the prints.  There is a softer effect with the Diana shots. The Holga prints appeared sharper. Since I didn’t shoot the same thing with both cameras at the same time, it is difficult to give a fair comparison. I used both colour (Fuji PRO400) and black/white film (Kodak T-MAX 400) with both cameras. I found winding with the Diana a little harder, like there was more resistance which is the complete opposite with the Holga. I haven’t shot a roll with flash on the Diana yet. I’m currently working on it. In the end, I really like the Diana and just as much as my trusty Duct-taped Holga! Check out my Flickr, to see more of my recent lomography.