Catherine Opie

A few weeks before I moved to Cleveland, I found this episode on Art21 about Catherine Opie’s commissioned photo series for the Hillcrest Hospital, in Cleveland. I was familiar with Opie’s self-portraits (see below)  and portraits of others depicting strong statements about sexuality, S&M culture, gender issues. I was really surprised at this completely different body of work. 

Her series was of various shots of Lake Erie. There’s something very calming with these images of water. I can see how this series works well in a hospital setting: it instills familiarity, contemplation, and meditation.

My photograph doesn’t give justice to the images. Nor does the spot lighting on site.





Self Portrait / Nursing, 2004

C-print, 40 x 32 inches (101.6 x 81.3 cm)

Ed. of 8