Here we are, on New Year’s Eve. The great thing about this time of the year is to look back and contemplate the soon-to-be last year’s highs and not-so highs. In terms of photographic projects I had completed, I can think of a few things I’ve done which turned out well. First and foremost, this website is worth mentioning as a highlight. It is my first and not my last, as there is always room for improvements. Throughout the year, I added a few more portraits to my ongoing self-portrait collection one of which, Fitzroy Gothic, made the shortlist for the Head On 2009 competition.

I also participated in a collaboration with my friend and photographer Bronwen Hyde where we succeeded in getting our shot done in spite of the curious and intrigued looks of footie fans walking through the Fitzroy Gardens! It turned out well and I presented it as a diptych entitled Amistad. I wanted to show how friendship exist regardless of physical distance between the individuals, as I believed it is based on the nature of the bond.

For a change of scenery, I took part of the Bicycle Film Festival 2009 as a photographer for the opening night event where art and bicycle culture attracted a beautiful and energetic crowd.