Last Thursday, I’ve attended in Carlton North a one-night-only site-specific exhibition, Holes in the Wall, curated by Theresa Harrison. The concept was interesting as they emptied a home of its inhabitants and 12 artists were invited to exhibit their works using the domestic space. The viewers were then able to look at the installations and displays of various art forms through the house windows.  This project was original as it explored the notion of voyeurism in an artistic manner. There were still a lot people there when I arrived; standing all around the house itself and onto the sidewalk. I had the chance to see Shay Minster’s Slow Dance installation for a second time, which I saw when it was first shown at theWest Space gallery. I also discovered Linsey Gosper, a photographic artist, who displayed a wall-size print, entitled Gothic Mime, a self-portrait from her collection of role-play femmes fatales.   

A friend of mine who is a collector of graphic novels, lent me the 3 volumes of the series Le photographe. This graphic novel documents the journey of French photojournalist Didier Lefèbre, co-author, during his travels with Médecins Sans Frontières in Afghanistan in 1986. There are illustrations from Emmanuel Guibert, as well as black and white photographs all taken by Didier. I quite enjoyed reading the series as it gave me a glimpse of the hardship involved in setting up a clinic in a war torn country, a journey well photographed by Didier. Some of the images are not for the faint at heart.  After reading the series, I rekindled with my appreciation of black-and-white photography and photojournalism. As for Didier, he had travelled around the world, where he followed MSF. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2007.