Annika von Hausswolff
Hey Buster! What do you know about desire? 1993
Colour photograph
Courtesy of the artist and Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Part of 
Mortality, ACCA 2010

 Last Thursday, I went to see the exhibition ‘Mortality’ at the ACCA while waiting for my interview at the VCA. It was well worth it. I saw a similar exhibit called ‘Vanités’ in Paris last May at the Musée Maillol. ‘Mortality’ involves photography, video, paintings, sculptures and writings. This exhibition displays various works of 32 artists. Some of the Australian artists featured in this exhibition include Darren Sylvester, Sue Ford, and Larry Jenkins. Some notable international artists include Bill Viola, Tacita Dean and Fiona Tan. The dimly lit gallery made the atmosphere feel both eerie and peaceful. At times I found it too dark to be able to clearly read the labels associated with the works. My favorite piece was the ‘talking light globe’ installation in the tiny black room. I liked Fiona Tan’s video of the toddler tied to helium balloons, bouncing off the ground and giggling. I also liked Darren Sylvester’s photos which I had only seen in catalogues and books. The title of the show may not appeal to everyone for its negative connotations of dying, suffering and death. ‘Mortality’ isn’t just a show about death but also a celebration of the passage of life. The show ends today.